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My Name is Naomi.
I'm quite friendly, and I love art.

... I'm also In Love with KiD CuDi

I don’t know why, but I was dreaming about pie. But then I woke up. Not only did I wake up, but I woke up to the person I love expressing something deep from within. I love how emotional you are, and what makes me appreciate it more is what you’ve told me about yourself in the past. It gives me a glimpse of how far you’ve came. You’ve truly came from nothing to something, and are aiming for even more (which I find remarkable and admirable). It is believed that when one starts to change everyone around him does too. Either to work with you or against. It isn’t that they’re changing particularly, but that when you make the change, how they view you and your decision and treat you. I know it’s hard to turn against the herd, but I will be here every step of the way. Not for you, but with you because we are a unit. You expressing this all to me makes me want to love you even harder. Hate has no place in this relationship whatsoever, and this is what will keep us strong. I love you too, and even extra for when the world is against you.

Encouraging words…

Lmao… Coming from an atheist.

Lmao… Coming from an atheist.

*thinks about taking makeup if before going to bed*
… On second thought

《The Croods》- the cute sloth’s “DaDaDa~”:

Hehe first official day at work, already getting overtime.

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